I am a lyricist on a mission to help put content back into Hip-Hop music, one song at time. I’ve chosen to be a voice among few other Hip-Hop artists who actually speak on behalf of those just entering, currently in, or just exiting the college lifestyle. I represent those who are trying to figure out what they want out of life, what their purpose is, and what their goals should be.
My music comes from an educated standpoint; but it’s still fun and exciting. My ideas, concepts and stories are relatable, especially to those who fit the aforementioned description. However, my music is not limited or one-dimensional. I create timeless songs, which can be appreciated by anyone who has shared a similar experience or felt the same emotion.
I’m a witty, satirical, sarcastic, subliminal, insightful, intriguing, enlightening and entertaining smart-ass of a recording artist… oh, yeah… and I’m damn good at what I do.

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On the perimeter looking in as if waiting for the right time to strike is K-Dash. Rather than conform to the current state of today’s Hip-Hop industry, K-Dash (born Nicholas West) has driven past the fork in the road and gone straight. With an arsenal of perplexing punch-lines, enigmatic metaphors, and sophisticated wordplay, he is blazing his own path to global recognition. Forming a unique hybrid, comprised of both commercial and underground elements, this 28-year-old lyricist is proof that craft and content still hold a strong place in Rap music. K-Dash is a true product of the east coast. Born in Florida, he’s lived in New York, New Jersey, Georgia and now currently resides in northern Virginia. Growing up as an only child in a single parent household, he was encouraged at an early age to excel in all areas of life. Possessing a natural aptitude for academics and the arts, school has always kept him occupied and out of trouble. A surprisingly late bloomer to the hip-hop culture, K-Dash gravitated to DMX, Jadakiss and other hardcore rap icons of the late 90s. Over the years he gradually grew out of this stage, from which he used this genre as a rebellious escape from his school-boy lifestyle. Eventually, he turned to the brilliant lyricism of more “conscious” artists such as Nas, Lupe Fiasco and Mos Def. As an independent artist he has been refining his skills to rival that of even the most successful entertainers in the industry. Releasing mixtapes like “It So K 2 B Smart”, “I’m NOT an R&B Singer Vol. 1″ and “No Skool Vol. 1″ he has proven time and time again his style attracts underground and main-stream fans alike. From his entertaining and sometimes outlandish school-day accounts, to his witty and often satirical descriptions of his daily grind, K-Dash undoubtedly paints a picture for all to enjoy. His personality often walks the line between cocky and confident, while his appearance struggles between college student and R&B singer.

Nevertheless, the one facet that remains consistent is that his over-all image commands attention. If hip-hop status is determined by how catchy your beats are or what new fashion trend you’ve started, then K-Dash is patiently watching the competition. He’s calculating the exact moment set precedence and fulfill prophecy. Witness the future.

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You can e-mail me at TheRealKDash@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter or Facebook.
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