[Blog] The Black Blog by Russell Simmons via Global Grind

This is a portion of a personal letter to President Obama from worldwide mogul Russell Simmons. If you are as intrigued as I was, read the entire letter HERE.

“Mr. President, I am deeply concerned about the future of urban America, specifically the plight of people of color. Our nation is witnessing an all-out attack by the right-wing against those who are struggling the most during these very difficult times, and sadly they are black and brown people. I have been at your side during this extraordinary and beautiful American journey in which you have showed your deep commitment to our country in attacking an economic depression our people didn’t cause, wars they didn’t ask for or want, and levels of poverty and inequality they don’t deserve. During this last presidential campaign, I traveled from state to state helping ensure that we continue our mission to uplift those who are fighting everyday to get into the middle class. However, there are many living in poverty who feel they will never get out. I know you have to be the President not just to black America, but to all America, but they need to hear your loud voice, as only a President like you can have this critical conversation with our community”…

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