I’m Venting…

Ok, so I park in a space I really have no business parking in thinking I’ll be back before anyone notices. (Don’t act like you’ve never done it) Anyway, I come back and my car has magically vanished. Long story short: I walk to the towing company, pay to get my car out and drive home angry as hell. In my attempts to cool out, I began writing this verse and though it’s not quite finished, I would appreciate the public opinion. Thanks.

The Game vs. Jay-Z: Beef or Not???

Here’s the breakdown:

-Jay-Z makes a small reference to Game in a concert freestyle.
-Game catches feelings and goes on a “f**k Jay-Z” tirade while touring overseas.
-Game receives no response from Jay.
-Game starts taking shots at Beyonce.
-Still no response.
-Game releases “I’m So Wavey” (Jay-Z Diss)
-Nothing… Notice the trend yet?

The million dollar question: Should Hov Retaliate?