Jay-Z speaks on Game : Game speaks to the Fans

It’s funny the day after I post The Game vs. Jay-Z: Beef or Not??? Jay finally expresses his views about the whole situation. Meanwhile, The Game continued his anti-Hov campaign throughout the UK; calling out and dissing Jay-Z fans at his concert in London. In immediate response to Jay’s “groupie” remark, the Game called in from Amsterdam to 103 Jamz in Va. and did an extensive interview. Check it out.

The Game vs. Jay-Z: Beef or Not???

Here’s the breakdown:

-Jay-Z makes a small reference to Game in a concert freestyle.
-Game catches feelings and goes on a “f**k Jay-Z” tirade while touring overseas.
-Game receives no response from Jay.
-Game starts taking shots at Beyonce.
-Still no response.
-Game releases “I’m So Wavey” (Jay-Z Diss)
-Nothing… Notice the trend yet?

The million dollar question: Should Hov Retaliate?